Is it Time To Take Your Relationship To The Next Level? Choosing the perfect engagement ring can help!!

When it comes to relationships, there’s nothing wrong with wanting everything best. Afterall, you are all set to start the most important shopping in your life perhaps – your engagement ring; it helps to know about the various aspects of your engagement ring such as the metal used for the band, the diamond, the prices, colour, care and similar aspects.

Choose Metal: White Gold, Yellow Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Rose Gold

White Gold vs Platinum

Platinum and white gold are popular choices to get the perfect setting for diamond rings. These two metals differ primarily in price and composition though they look identical to the naked eye. Platinum is more expensive compared to white gold and because of the higher density of platinum, more platinum is needed to make your ring. Together, you should expect to pay significantly more when your choice tilts towards platinum. In absolute terms, if you choose white gold for the same ring, your cost could peg at about 50% of what you would pay for a ring with platinum as the base metal.
18/14 carat gold jewellery primarily represents an alloy of gold and other metals like copper, zinc, nickel etc. with a possible rhodium plating since gold is a softer metal. 18-carat gold means75% gold while 14 carat stands for 58.3% gold.

Platinum generally comes with a higher purity of about 98% with the rest being made up of silver and rhodium. Platinum is stronger and lasts longer and is also the heaviest among precious metals with the highest density. Pure gold (24 carats) needs to be mixed with other metals to enhance the workability and lend strength to the finished product.

Caring for platinum vs. White gold

You won’t notice any significant change in appearance between white gold and platinum though rose and yellow gold are distinct when it comes to appealing from colour. You need to be significantly more careful with platinum since it is much less scratch resistant compared to other metals. You would also need to clean up and polish platinum at regular intervals to retain its smooth appearance. In the case of gold, replating or repolishing may be needed only once or twice across a lifetime.

Platinum is ideal for rosy and fair skin tones and is hypoallergenic. It also has a higher status because of its rarity and price.


There are at least three types of gold commonly traded, and these are rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. Though the looks are similar, it is the composition and colour that set them apart. Price, as well as personal preferences, will guide your choice of gold for the engagement ring.  “An engagement or wedding ring is always going to be a significant purchase, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the very best value for your money” says Joseph of Joseph George Jewellery at collin street in Melbourne. “Rings can be customised to find you something within your budget.”

White gold is presently more popular compared to yellow gold because it is more affordable and looks similar to platinum. White gold is also alloyed with stronger metals compared to yellow gold giving it more durability and scratch resistance. White gold also complements white diamonds better when compared to yellow gold. However, white gold will need dipping at intervals of 4 or 5 years to retain its lustre and colour. The process of dipping is affordable, and most jewellers offer the service for free. Nickel is often mixed with white gold which could be allergic to some individuals.

Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold comes as an alloy of pure gold and zinc or copper in varying proportions. The carat number indicates the volume of pure gold in what we are getting.
24 carat is 99.9% pure while 22 carat means it is 91.7% pure, 18 carats 75% pure and 14 carats 58.3% pure. Thus, a higher carat number is indicative of the pure gold content, but as a metal, the durability of pure gold is less compared to other metals. Therefore, the usual practice is to use 18K or 14K gold for mounting wedding rings and engagement rings.

Among the three gold colours that are generally available, yellow gold is most hypoallergenic. The yellow gold is most popular for engagement and wedding bands and therefore considered appropriate when you are choosing vintage settings. Yellow gold is also the purest regarding colour compared to the other variants. It is also the easiest on maintenance when compared to the other two types of gold. Yellow gold is extremely malleable, and therefore jewellers can manipulate it in a wide range of ways. This extreme malleability helps jewellers create all those intricate designs, particularly with earrings, necklaces and the like. Yellow gold complements darker and olive skin tones well and matches well with diamonds of lower grade or colour.
Yellow gold is subject to scratches and dents and needs regular cleaning and polishing.

Rose Gold

Rose gold encompasses the entire family of rose, red and pink shades of gold. The rose colour results from the combination of copper with gold and when more copper is used in the alloy, the resulting gold appears more as red than yellow. Rose gold has 75% gold and 25% copper making it 18-carat gold. Rose gold is the preferred style for women’s and men’s rings. It is considered romantic due to the pink colour. Rose gold is also more affordable relative to other metals since copper used in the alloy costs significantly less compared to gold. It is also very durable because of the strength imparted by copper. Rose gold also complements all skin tones. The downside of rose gold, however, is that it might cause allergic reactions in some people. Though rose gold is more in style, its availability may not be as good as yellow gold or other options you have.


While your personal preferences will drive the choice of metal for your diamond rings, it helps to consider the price as well as metal composition. For instance, platinum and white gold are identical when you look at them with naked eyes, but the difference in price is significant. It could be a great idea to spend a major part of your budget on the diamond than on platinum. When a budget is important, it is important to choose the jeweller to whom you can trust and the best way to stretch your dollar is to be an informed buyer. This way, you know for sure the value of what you are getting.

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